HNG 8: Tempered by Fire

HNG 8: Tempered by Fire

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Akinwande Akinboluwarin
·Aug 16, 2021·

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We are here, HNG 8.0. At first, I wasn’t sure of my reason for participating. But faced with the task of outlining my goals, it’s become a bit clearer...I want to get better.

The HNG internship has something of a...reputation. It’s an internship program that is known for pushing its participants to points where they have to evolve or show a level of grit and efficiency. I registered for the Backend track of this program to temper myself to be a sharp, cold blade in the flames of HNG, muahahaha (sigh, I’ve been rolling too much with a certain knight).

My goals for this cohort?

  • Build grit - The ability to set goals and follow through
  • Expand my network of developers
  • Improve my team play(There’s more to life than PUBG)
  • Make it to the end.
  • Not get my head broken by a certain someone.

I do feel a bit of uncertainty, but I intend to make the most of this opportunity. It’s going to be a busy 8 weeks, but I feel up to the task.

Zuri Internship

Zuri internship is a platform aimed at equipping beginners with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to get started on the journey of software development or design.

This year, they are working hand-in-hand with HNG. To find out more about the Zuri internship, check here for more details.

There are various tracks available in the internship. They are Design, Frontend, Backend, and Mobile Development. I personally think it is important to have the basics of whatever track you are interested in before beginning the journey.

For Design, here’s a Figma tutorial you could find quite helpful:

For software developers, git is a must-know. This would be helpful:

For Frontend development, an HTML tutorial:

And one for Nodejs development:

I’d probably give updates on my journey on Twitter, so you could follow me @boluakinwande

Wish me luck!

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