Blogging: letters across the universe

Blogging: letters across the universe

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Akinwande Akinboluwarin
Nov 20, 2020

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In my journey so far as a human, writing has had its role to play. I would not say I am exactly passionate about the process, but I do love when pieces come out the way I want them to; gratefully, that's a lot of the time.

Blogging is a bit different. Pieces crafted by my hands, my identity attached to them, presented on a platform solely dedicated to my work; it is scary. Yet I want to continue, why?

What successful blogging means to me.

I wrote my first blog post while I was still excited from actually implementing something I had learnt in real life. I wanted the entire universe to know what I learnt; I wanted my readers to be curious about what I used it on. I wanted my work to be a reference material for those who wanted to know what I knew. It worked; well, mostly. Reaching the entire universe is harder than I thought. With that in mind, I would say a blog is successful:

  • As long as it is towards a target audience (the universe would be preferable五).
  • When its content is useful.
  • If the passion of the writer is evident in their works and effectively communicated.
  • If it sparks curiosity in the mind of the readers.

Blogging despite fears

If I were to point out any particular fear, it would be the chance of my blog post turning out terrible and unable to help anyone. This fear is not particular to me alone or a group of persons. It is a fear felt by anyone entertaining the thought of publicly displaying an art (yes, your posts are your art).

There is no specific method to overcome your fears, but you can control them. Put roadblocks in place to help prevent the things you fear. If you fear your post won't be detailed enough, do research. If you think your English is not good enough, get a good editor. Just do something about your fear (I didn't say get rid of it) and the sky would not be able to stop you.

There is an entire universe waiting to read what is on your mind, blog it.

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